An adult doll collection with a bit of story thrown in. Do watch this space as my collection continues to grow. Do you love dolls also? Well, take a look at these shoddy photos of my skimpy doll collection taken with my pitiful camera loaded onto my defective computer for my weasly blog. Thanx for visiting!

February 12, 2010


Here are a group of friends who hang-out on my bookshelf. They aren't the snazziest of dressers but at least they're well covered. I made the matching safari set myself but it's not the best example of doll clothes I've made. I just stitched it together really quickly because I grew tired of seeing them both naked. Buying dolls at garage or car boot sales doesn't mean they'll come clothed. I was just happy they had all their fingers and toes. I don't ask for much.


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