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April 16, 2010

I LUV Making Doll Bedding

Of all accessories you can find for dolls there seems to be a great lack in finding decent pillows, shams and quilts for them. Being crafty with my sewing machine, I decided to put something together for my own collection. So far I've only made bedding for 11" dolls (Barbie size) but I suppose I can make bedding for larger baby dolls too.

Why make bedding when you don't even have a doll bed? Well... I sorted that one out as well. First I took an average sized paperback book and measured out a length of fabric needed to cover it. I stitched together an elasticated sheet, placed the paperback inside of it, then flipped it over to form a sheeted bed for the doll to lay upon. The dolls head rests upon the pillows of different lengths and shapes.


This is my Elvis and Blue lace set.

The pillows flip over to show different colours and fabric. My dolls just love it!!