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March 25, 2010

Green Hair Doll

Space girl invasion, this green haired doll is not messing around. When I stepped into Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop, she jumped out of their toy bin and into my hands. She demanded that I pay £1 for her and take her home to the 'others.'

I complied.

I found her to have a bathing suit underneath her space suit. Hmmm.
I used to have a friend named Jane with green hair just like this, therefore I'm naming her Jane Unplain.
And if I do happen to find a doll with purple hair, I'll name her Meme, because a certain person I know :D used to have purple hair.

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  1. I love your green-haired doll AND the action pose you have her in.

    Integrity Toys had some purple haired dolls.
    Purple-haired Alysa, here,

    Dolls wearing purple here, .


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